Handcrafted Condolence Gifts

For anyone, the sudden loss of a father or mother is hard.  Whether your relationship with them was positive or a negative, this loss can bring about emotional turmoil as well as feelings of loneliness and thoughts of our own mortality.

There are very few words of sympathy or condolence gifts from friends or relatives that can make us feel better during this time.

Lack of sleep and energy are common symptoms of grieving the loss of someone so close and so prominent in our lives. Often, your first reaction might be to make the grieving family a dish of food.

While that is acceptable, and very much honored, in most cultures, sometimes a refrigerator can become so stacked with food that it either ends up spoiling, or the family ends up throwing it away.

In the end, the amount of food becomes a burden on them.

Same with sympathy flowers; flowers are a gift that is not only present at the funeral, but is also delivered to the house.

A couple of bouquets of flowers can be placed around the house, but after that the smells of the flowers become overwhelming, and can either make the respective family sick or cause them to throw the flowers out prematurely.

Grieving Families Need Time

The loss of a loved one comes with a state of shock, disbelief, and heartache.  Their minds are clouded, their words are jumbled when attempting to talk, and their days are a haze of endless emotion and constant nostalgia.

Grieving is one of the most taxing emotional processes our bodies go through, and it can last from a few days to a few months and, for some people, a few years.  It wears the body down, and it makes it feel as if every day is never-ending.

So, why would you want a gift you bring to be nothing more than a nuisance?

Why would you want to risk your present bringing anymore mental or physical strain to the person whom you only want to comfort?

In these times where actions can become so repetitive and words can become useless, there are stereotypical gifts that are accepted because of tradition, and there are gifts that truly grace them with a comforting aura.

Brilliant Handcrafted Condolence Gift for You to Consider

Below is a list of truly unique handcrafted gifts of condolence that will break the repetitive bonds of tradition and let your loved one know that they are being thought of, prayed for, and cherished during this strenuous time in their life.

1. Our Loved Ones Memorial Box 

You can personalize this music box with your own pictures and messages, and fill it with letters of encouragement or memorabilia of their lost loved one.  This box would truly make a unique, special gift.

2. Memorial Wind Chimes 

With a wonderful inscription that you can add to, this is a creative way to memorialize someone that has passed and remember them with every brush of the wind.

3. Remembering You Engraved Heart Clock 

This is a gift that you can personalize and engrave, bringing that unique and caring touch as you beautifully memorialize whomever has passed.

4. In Loving Memory Personalized Memorial Ornament

This double-sided ornament is the perfect gift for someone who wants to remember their loved ones around the holidays.  You can personalize it and engrave it, and it will always be as if your loved one is there celebrating the happiness of the holidays alongside you.

5. Wings Around Me Pennies from Heaven Keepsake Jar

Keepsake Jars are a place to collect pennies from heaven and to reflect our memories of our passed loved ones.

“Sometimes what we think is a coincidence is really the whisper of Angels speaking to us…”