Wings Around Me

“Believing that there is more to life than what you see”

Wings Around Me provides gifts of remembrance of the ones we lost and loved, Healing for those left behind, and Hope to be reunited one day.

It is a long established belief that there are Angels among us. Even though you can’t see them Angels are all around us, as far as the heart can see. 

They surround our lives with love and protection.  Angels are among us to ease our burdens, shield us from evil, lighten our hearts and guide us along our journey.

Angels visit us in many ways. They provide signs and messages to let you know they are close by. These signs and messages can come in many different ways. If you watch and listen closely you will know in you heart when you have been blessed by an angel.

A Little Something About

Wings Around Me

We have been asked often what exactly is “Wings Around Me?” So we have defined it and are sharing it below:

Wings-Around-Me speakers, sound, icon                                                                                                                                              /wings around me/w.a.m/

  1. state of being embraced by wings from the spirit of a lost loved one. synonyms: remembrance, healing, hope, love, belief
  2. the signs of communication, for those that believe, from spirit guides or angels that provide guidance in times of need
  3. place for collecting pennies from heaven and feathers from the wings of a lost loved one
  4. unique hand crafted sympathy gifts, gifts for someone who believes and has been touched by the presence of a lost loved one.

Word Origin: from Wings Around Me poem, from a variant of inspiration, believing, hope, and love

Me & My Team

I have been blessed beyond belief throughout my lifetime. I attribute this to my family and my own personal angels. They have given me inspiration, wisdom, and courage to live life to the fullest. Through them I have learned how to live with my own personal & religious convictions.

Catherine S. Pierce


Robert A. Pierce


Wilton B. Pierce


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