Laura Bortles

Handcrafted Condolence Gifts

For anyone, the sudden loss of a father or mother is hard.  Whether your relationship with them was positive or a negative, this loss can bring about emotional turmoil as well as feelings of loneliness and thoughts of our own mortality. There are very few words of sympathy or condolence gifts from friends or relatives that can make us feel better during this

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Alternative To Flowers

Sympathy gifts are usually expressions of condolence to someone who is grieving after the loss of a loved one. You send them something in hopes of comforting them. There is a long standing tradition among sympathy gift ideas of sending flowers, cards or food. You may choose one or all of these options knowing that the

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Pennies From Heaven

How many times have you been out walking and have noticed a penny on the ground? Most of the time, people just keep on walking. After all, it’s just a penny, right? But then there are some folks who will pick it up. Usually it’s because of a superstitious promise of luck. But a story with

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